Sunday, September 11, 2016

My Top 5 Productivity Tools

All portable, listed in no particular order:
  • LibreOffice - I mostly use the Writer component as a much better and more reliable replacement for Microsoft Word, but more and more tools are seeing use as time goes on
  • PDF XChange - excellent tabbed PDF viewer with basic editor components and a great OCR addition
  • ShareX - screenshot program that allows for a remarkable amount of easy, intelligent automation
  • Notepad++ - my text editor of choice for 6+ years now.
  • Ditto - a bit strange to learn and use but super reliable, actively developed, and very customizable

The Ribbon problem

This post is notice of updates to another post on the Microsoft Ribbon interface.  I did an article recently on Customizing Office, getting into why LibreOffice is much more friendly to customization but today I went back and spent some time detailing my problems with Microsoft.