Sunday, November 6, 2016

A day in the life of a moderator

I generally do things on the site in batches, usually once a week.  I decided to detail out some of the changes I did in a single day ...


New stuff
  • Suggest the "Meld" file/directory comparison tool

Entry Edits:
  • Created a screenshot slideshow (animated GIF) for FreeMeter
  • Fix links for EverEdit as the freeware version has gone offline
  • Try to test (and update) the WinMend File Copy file extraction process
  • Updated MP3-Splt, including a new screenshot and a move from the WinPenPack to PortableApps version (there's an old version update that one caught that the other didn't)

  • Added some additional websites to some older threads on Pass-O-Meter and Flash Xtractor
  • Get some File Data (hashes) for a few different programs on the site for safety/mirroring purposes
    Updated a few entries, including .GIF -> .PNG conversion
  • Posted about FoxIt issue from earlier in the week
  • Thread split - break PDF XChange Viewer and Editor posts

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