Thursday, March 2, 2017

Unique number generation?

Is there a way to insert a unique number into a document?  I'd just like to get a single number attached to some docs I'm working on so we can use them in multiple places and they're easier to track down later.

Ideal properties:

* A hotkey (like ctrl+shift+/ or something)
* Be sequential (89382, 89383, 89384)

The only thing that I could come up with on this was a text hash generator is the UUID generator or MultiHasher (a program I try to avoid) programs, which uses letters and numbers.

Anyway, suggestions welcome.  This isn't critical as we have other methods of achieving this end, I'm just curious.


  1. Well, I can create date files in japanese format. setlocal
    set z=%_year%%@format[02,%_month]%%@format[02,%_day]_%@format[02,%_hour]%%@format[02,%_minute]%%@format[02,%_second]
    mkdir %z
    move * %z\

    It is Take Command Script Language. I have a bunch of script files I did created to manage my files downloaded in the last hours or days.

  2. I think I can compile the script to run stand alone.

  3. This format: 20170122_170804
    It uses the clock of the machine.

  4. I can study other languages of scripting to achieve similar results.

  5. Curiosity: where do you live? What country and state? I live in Brazil in the city of Sao Jose dos Campos, near the capital of the state, distant 100 km.

  6. RodrigoCesar: you posted this right on the edge of a really busy phase (you may have noticed the lack of other blog posts) so this took a little time to get back to:

    1. I'll have to dig into the Take Command scripting language but thanks for trying to put something together there.

    2. I'd like to do something in terms of freeware since that's really what this site is trying to highlight. If you happen to continue along this track, I'd encourage you to find something with maybe powershell? I'm really not sure.

    3. I am in the US, specifically Texas.