Sunday, July 17, 2016

Developing FAQ items

The following are items I hope to recommend for addition to the FAQ in the coming months.  Some are unclear or what they're trying to describe is something I'm still piecing together.

What's wrong with writing to the registry?

Although we still accept programs that write to the registry, we generally favor “stealth” programs that avoid this behavior.  This is because the more settings written over time, the slower and less stable the computer becomes. Many people I know make it a point to reinstall or re-image their entire computer every year to deal with this.


The Windows registry is a poorly-managed toolset designed (as far as I can tell) to enable trialware. If it weren't for the registry, a lot of people wouldn't buy Photoshop and instead would just reinstall every 30 days. To enable this, settings are written all over the place throughout a complex series of files across a given system. The system resists edition because manually removing these settings can cause system instability.

(I've also thought about another designation for a long time called "registry green" which make clear that registry entries are more problematic than AppData writes.)

What do you have against registerware/registrationware?  Answer/background.

Should this program be added?  What criteria makes a program ideal?  Answer/background.

Do we list apps that are in beta?  Yes. (more)

What do you have against adware?

Am I running 64-bit?  How do I know which version of the program to download?  Possible answer/background.

How do I test for portability?  Possible answer.

Why haven’t you looked at this program?  Possible answer.

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