Sunday, July 17, 2016

FAQ item: why doesn't portable software integrate with my computer?

This is unfortunately one of the trade-offs of using portable software; while PortableFreeware has easy backup/sync, transport, and generally cleaner behavior on a home system, it often doesn't smoothly integrate with the home system.

  • The fastest and simplest way: right-click on a file, select "Open With..." and choose a portable program, but you'll have to do this on every computer and every file association.
  • Some programs have a built-in associations manager that you can enable, but must be done on every computer.  XNViewMP for example has a program called "Associate files with XnViewMP.exe" while XMind has "Associate_XMind_File.bat"
  • Programs like CAFE/Coffee (and others) have appeared to try and address this integration question but generally require some energy to enable.

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