Monday, August 1, 2016

Why I avoid Liberkey

Liberkey ( is a portable software project that's been around for a few years and suffered from attacks by the PortableApps project for not conforming to legal requirements around trademark and licenses.  Even still, the project has continued work and I had trouble finding any details about it online.  As the topic is banned on PFW as flamebait, I decided to write up a quick breakdown:

I don't use Liberkey because:
  1. The response from Piriform indicating that there was no exception given to the Liberkey project.
  2. The insistence that encrypting config files is a choice, no explanation needed.
  3. I'm unwilling to use a closed platform like theirs when there are so many great open tools available in this area. 
You can sift through the lengthy forum posts on the site about this topic (1 and 2) or read the (somewhat old) MaximumPC article hosted on

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