Saturday, June 11, 2016

Idea: Tagging program

I had an idea for a program that I'm still fleshing out.  The primary idea is a very simple entry screen where you can type out a simple note. 

The Tagging System

What happens is that I have a note pad program where I write down a few quick notes and I've developed a shorthand for how this works.  I put down a few keywords separated by semicolons like so:

Recipe: Bread:

Todo: store: buy honey

Music: Coldharbour Sessions 012

I'd like to enter these into an entry window and then view in a separate catalog window.  This catalog window would be able to view by various tags, as a nested list, view in order of creation, search, etc.  I'm thinking entries (by default) would allow carriage returns, so I'd say you'd press "CTRL+Enter" to get it added to the database.  Others would just need one line, especially for really simple ideas and todolists.


Another optional feature would be double colons for sub categories. For example:

Blog: Funny (would represent both blog and funny)

Bird:: Hummingbird (Hummingbird as a subgroup of Bird)
 I'm not sure if anyone else needs this but it's been in my head for some time now.  I might write something more detailed including mockups and use cases if someone's interested.

Todo lists

Of course, some are just notes but if we could specifically call out todolist items somehow, that would be even better.  Perhaps a multi-line system like:

TODO: Grocery: Ketchup
TODO: Research carpet cleaner

I'd like to see some of the tags get treated differently

When you click on one tab, it should show you them as a list but the TODO list items should have checkbox marks next to them. Then, when you click the checkbox, it switches the TODO tag to DONE.

Multi-line duplicates

Perhaps a multi-line system would have a "copy above" tweak where you use a "+" symbol to just copy the first tag.  So for example:

TODO:: Grocery: Ketchup
++: Lettuce
++: Mayo


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