Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Various flashdrive-related links (part 1)

I keep wanting to draw up some kind of link breakdown on all the great USB tools and tricks.  Since it just doesn't seem to be coming together, I'll just do an informal series on it here.
  • HP USB Disk StorageFormat Tool - specifically it's ability to handle formatting drives with a FAT or FAT32 filesystem makes this a must-have. I've been meaning to add this to the official PFW database for quite some time.
  • Assign a custom icon to your flash drive - since all drives looking alike makes finding them somewhat difficult.
  • Write images to multiple USB drives - great for giving out lots of Linux or portable software flash drives
  • USB Device info ... "lets you view a variety of technical details about connected USB devices, including vendor id and product id, serial number, device type and transfer speed. Also shows USB 2.0 or 3.0."
(Two of these were thanks to an old PFW post)


See Part 2

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