Sunday, June 26, 2016

Make a PowerPoint deck to a specific resolution (1024x768)

I wanted to capture some screenshots and save them to a presentation in *exactly* the format that they were recorded.  Unfortunately I couldn't figure out how to get PowerPoint to set itself to a specific page size other than by Imperial (inches) or Metric (centimeters) measurements.  As such I employed the free LibreOffice Impress.

  1. Start the program and launch Impress
  2. Modify the size standard by going to the menu and selecting Tools - Options and then LibreOffice Impress - General
  3. Under Unit of Measurement choose Point
  4. Click OK and you will return to the main Impress screen
  5. From the menu, select Format - Page
  6. In the Page Setup window, modify the Width and Height (in this case 1024x768)
  7. Click OK and return to the main Window
Finally, just for the rest of my team who uses PowerPoint, I exported this to the PPTX format but you can do most of this the same in PowerPoint.

Download LibreOffice.

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